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Rainy Day Budget is the FREE tool which makes creating and maintaining a budget simple. Join over 35,000 users who have utilized Rainy Day Budget to budget their money.


Creating a new budget is a simple 5 step process with Rainy Day Budget:

Money Five Simple Steps
Step 1:

UserAdd People
Step 2:

BankAdd Bank Accounts
Step 3:

Money_addAdd Income
Step 4:

Coins_deleteAdd Expenses
Step 5:

Coins_addAdd Savings Accounts

Other key features:
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface.
  • Automatic saving-as-you-go feature, so changes are never lost.
  • Easily add income sources, pre-tax expenses, other expenses, and savings funds.
  • Add expenses as cash amounts or percentages of income.
  • Share budgets between multiple users.
  • Payday feature where you can input the amount of your paycheck and the program will determine where your money ought to go, according to your budget.
  • Easily view budget as annual, semi-annual, bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.
  • Other new features added by popular request.

What our users are saying

"I like Rainy Day Budget very much! It is very straightforward to set up and use, and I have tried out several."
   - Mark

"Excellent work"
"It's an easy, simple program and useful for everybody. Can manage your personal finance and keep tracking of expenses, find out which one is going wrong path. Above all it's free."
   - Farzaan

"Easy to use in managing my budget"
"I really like how you can constantly see how much of your income you have spent so far and how much you have remaining. It makes keeping and updating a budget very simple."
   - Anonymous

"Very Easy"
"I must say I am impressed with the ease of use and simplicity of this tool. Me and my wife are planning to retire in the near future and this program is going to be a great assistance in getting our money and priorities in order. Thank you very much."
    - Peter

"I love your program's goals and commitment to helping others."
   - Luis