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We would like to add an important disclaimer before describing how to create a budget. These instructions are only intended to be suggestions. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to budgeting and you will likely need to adapt these instructions to your particular financial goals. Please feel free to comment on this article if you have any suggestions you would like to share with others.

Before you start creating your budget, it will be helpful if you gather your financial information together. This will allow you to focus on creating the budget start to finish without having to pause to track down necessary information. Useful documents which you may want to locate include:

  • Typical paystub for each source of income which breaks out the individual deductions withheld (such as taxes, health insurance premiums, 401k deposits, etc.) if any.
  • Bills, amount and frequency (mortgage/rent, utilities, phone, etc.).
  • Future purchases (approximate amount)

If other people will be included in the budget it may be helpful to find a time when everyone can sit down together to create the budget.,/p>

To get started with your budget, login to Rainy Day budget which will take you to your 'My Budgets' page. Under the 'Budgets' heading, click 'Create New Budget'. You are required to give the budget a title, and may optionally give the budget a description as well. Please note that the budget process saves your data as it goes, so you may exit at any time and resume where ever we left out.

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